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Purchasing and Maintenance

What to Expect
Hassle-Free Ownership

T-Star SVC systems are customized to meet your requirements. Each system is designed to perform with little maintenance on your end. We use a combination of standard components to cost-effectively fulfill your needs. 

  • Parts (and their manufacture, maintenance, and possible repair or replacement) are all standard.

  • No one-of-a-kind controls or irreproducible single-application software.

  • No dependence on a single expert or a custom program.

Four Step Purchase Process

  • First T-Star will determine compensation requirements at your location during typical operation of your equipment.
  • Second T-Star will determine the capacity, layout, protection, I/O. and any other requirements for your solution.
  • Third T-Star will custom-build your SVC system at our plant in Southwest Pennsylvania.
  • Fourth T-Star will ship the solution and assist with its installation and commissioning.

Long-Term Ownership and Peace of Mind

T-Star SVCs are built to last. When properly maintained, they can last indefinitely. We routinely perform inspections and maintenance on systems that are 15+ years old. Systems continue to perform like new after billions of switching operations.

Post installation recommendation
Minimize Downtime

For your protection against downtime, we recommend a maintenance plan that will keep you from being surprised by unforseen issues. Although failures are rare, we make the following typical recommendations:

  • Purchase up to 10% in spare parts to ensure replacement parts are available when needed.

  • Consider purchasing T-Star's extended service plan for peace of mind. Save time and money by relying on T-Star for regular remote check-ups and support.

  • Find or hire someone trained and supported by T-Star to perform routine maintenance and swap out parts as directed by us.

Additional Optional Investment
T-Star's Service Plan (purchased separately)

Our yearly service plan includes:

  • Annual 1-day onsite checkup.

  • Remote monitoring to:
    • Investigate system performance by reviewing historical high-speed logs along with high- and low-speed data alarms
    • Provide insights into unusual electric power system events
    • Offer quick feedback on the cause of trip alarms
    • Re-tune the SVC based on facility operating changes

  • Provide training, in addition to maintenance, during the annual check-up.

Our goal is to help you optimize the existing electrical power infrastructure of your business and to contribute to a highly reliable, high-quality, and worry-free overall electrical/industrial environment.

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