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Dynamic Voltage Experts

T-Star solves difficult power system problems...

Our Static VAr Compensator (SVC) Systems ...Who and Why?

Plant/Corporate Engineers

Are you planning on installing new electrical loads, building a new mill or upgrading an existing mill, pump station, mining, auto shredder, or automated welding operation?

Are you unable to start your large HP motor(s)?

Utility and Electric Co-op Engineers

Do you need to avoid brownouts on power systems using "green energy" cogeneration?

Do you need to mitigate issues associated with flicker producing loads?

Would you like to save dollars and resources by reducing your wholesale power purchases?

Cost Benefit

Saves hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars when T-Star SVCs are “designed in” during new plant planning or plant upgrading.


  • "Strengthens" the existing primary electrical power system (4160V and above) – eliminates prohibitively expensive power system upgrades.
  • A single T-Star SVC allows starting of multiple large HP motors without VFD’s and soft starters.
  • A single T-Star SVC reduces transformer loading and maintains voltage levels during dynamic electrical loading.
  • Supports existing soft starters to get hard-to-start large HP motors to full speed. If you purchased a large HP motor that you can't get started, a T-Star SVC (or combination SVC and soft starter) is clearly the most cost-effective solution. One SVC (applied directly on the distribution primary) can accommodate multiple “problem” loads in electrical utility/co-op applications.
    • Enables increased industrial loading in low PF plant applications such as mining.
    • Eliminates flicker to prevent your electric power provider from shutting down your industrial facility – welding, arc furnaces, woodchippers, dynamically-varying industrial loads of all kinds.
    • Provides a constant steady plant bus voltage after upgrading from MG sets to VFD’s (mill applications).
    • Improves industrial plant production throughput by maintaining rotor speed during heavy loading of wound-rotor (shredder) operations.
    • Prevents brownouts in "Green Energy" applications (solar, wind, local cogeneration) – automatically compensates on a sub cycle basis as distributed generation becomes unavailable.
    • Main controller is "Smart grid-compatible."


(If we can't take your call immediately, we typically respond to voicemails and emails within 60 minutes during normal business hours.)

Power Correction

T-Star Engineering has decades of experience in the correction of power system problems. We are known for our proprietary TSC-based SVC systems. We have a number of systems currently operating in a variety of industrial and utility applications. (TSC -- Thyristor-Switched Capacitor, SVC -- Static VAr Compensator)

Our Guarantee

T-Star focuses on helping your business optimize its existing infrastructure. You end up with an extremely reliable, high-quality, worry-free electrical/industrial environment. We guarantee the performance of our power correcting SVC systems.

Products and Services

We’re proud to offer a wide range of high-quality products and services to meet your specific needs.

  • dsc03322.jpg

    Dynamic VArs…allow for direct control of power system voltage by injecting reactive power in real time.

  • 20200709_115931.jpg

    Maintain high overall power factor and save on electric utility bills for your facility. Our filtered banks provide all the benefits of power factor correction while minimizing harmonic interactions on the power system.

  • da16b1c4-e9fe-4840-91a0-125cec7082af.png

    Our PQ studies provide you with the information you need to get the most out of your electric power system.

  • 321c74f6-c97f-4a3c-aefd-26f21b3b1ddc.jpeg

    We'll help you design, commission, and maintain electrical equipment manufactured by T-Star. We also provide assistance (PQ measurements, performance evaluations) to assist with optimization of non-T-Star equipment at your facility.

  • texoma pumps.jpg

    We utilize our expertise to help you upgrade equipment and otherwise optimize your plant's electric power system.

  • electricity-and-power-generation-industry-in-poland-voltage-transformation-substation-e1440413967531-1.jpg

    Contact us for assistance with any electrical power systems issues.

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