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Best Kept Secret


T-Star was founded by Ray Kemerer in 2007. Ray is the engineer that developed T-Star's proprietary SVC technology and remains intimately involved in all aspects of the process including power studies, design/build, installation, and performance. All of our systems are custom-designed for your application and built in our US-based plant.

"We have developed and perfected the ideal solution for the most common power quality problem (weak source). For years, plant engineers and utility planners have been overspending for inferior and less economical solutions. T-Star is redoubling its efforts toward making our solutions more well-known as the best choice in power delivery and industrial applications." - Ray Kemerer, Founder/Developer

Our Proven Approach

  • T-Star specializes in the manufacture of medium-voltage Thyristor switches and proprietary high-speed Thyristor Controls.

  • Over 150 thyristor-switched capacitor (TSC) high-speed dynamic reactive compensation systems have been designed, installed, and commissioned throughout the US and Canada.

  • Many of our systems are remotely monitored and maintained from T-Star's secure monitoring hub. Our customer-oriented, after-the-sale approach differentiates us from all the others.

  • All T-Star designs undergo continual review to ensure continuing high-performance and reliability.

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T-Star SVCs Are Unique
  • Small-scale (flexible placement)
  • Cost-effective (short payback time)
  • Removeable and reconfigurable
  • Proprietary TSC switches and controls
  • Installed within 6 months
  • Remotely-Monitored by T-Star
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Made in the USA

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T-Star SVC Systems are what we live for
Our SVC Systems are different in four distinct areas

Diverse Capabilities
Multi-Industry SVC Applications
T-Star SVC systems are good for new, existing, or expanding loads including:

Pumps--Compressor Stations--Auto Shredders--Welding--Mining--Entire Plants--Transportation--Pipelines--Single or multiple motor starts (1,000—20,000 HP)--Constantly changing motor loads--Total circuit/substation bus voltage stabilization

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