Dynamic VAr - Flicker Fix
32 1-phase welders
Welding at the factory
Frequent and continuous
Live real-time actions
Via Remote Montioring
Over 2 billion operations/switch
Since 2007 installation

Real-World Systems

Well over 150 thyristor-switched Dynamic VAR systems have been shipped and placed into service world-wide by T-Star, or Power Quality Systems (PQS) / American Superconductor (AMSC) starting in 2002 and continuing through 2107. 

Most remain in service: a minority have been decommissioned as the facilities they were located in ceased to operate.  Several of the decommissioned system have been transported and reapplied to new situations.

We consider successful installations as those:

  1. Achieving the intended Operating Voltage Stability, both initially and after extended periods of operation.
  2. Demonstrating "easy customer operation and maintenance."
  3. Experiencing high target levels of reliability

Dynamic VAR [thyristor-switched capacitor] systems are capital purchases for our clients.  It important to clients and T-Star that the systems

  • Achieve their purpose (stabilize voltage)
  • Minimize ongoing customer-side requirements
  • Prove highly reliable.

As the following cases show.