Our unique experience and knowledge benefits clients in four areas untouched by others:

  •  System Design.  We've evaluated hundreds of situations across dozens of industries, and then built, installed and operated Dynamic VAR systems that worked for these customers.  We've helped maintain these systems - sometimes for years - and know how to minimize the ongoing cost of ownership while ensuring high availability. 
    We can perform actual field studies for existing facilities, theoretical transient power system analyses, or review work performed by others.  When completed, the client is presented with options - and performance guarantees that the proposed systems will meet specific voltage sag levels, response times, and harmonic attenuation levels.
  • Control Strategy. Alongside the design, we ensure that the controller will operate consistent with the requirements.  If desired, actual system performance can be predicted via an "in the loop" simulator.
  • Static Valve Manufacture.  Across 5 generations of static valve [single phase switch] design, we have manufactured thousands of units - and occasionally repaired a few.  The valves manufactured for your application will be suitable and will operate reliably up to millions, if not billions. of switching operations.
  • Control System Manufacture.  Now highly standardized, the control system represents best practices based on hundreds of years of in-field experience.  Designed for safety, reliability, and robust performance, the Dynamic VAr Control System provides fast and accurate response under both normal and abnormal conditions.