We understand that our equipment is installed to address customer needs: its a "necessary evil", not your core core business. 

T-Star Dynamic VAr compensation systems require minimal maintenance.  We recommend quarterly visual inspections and an annual 1-day factory-based checkup.  That's not much for a 24 x 7 x 365 system.

They've proven so reliable that when customers do want to look at performance - or perform quarterly inspections - we after get a phone call.

So we offer remote monitoring in addition to the local HMI.  With remote monitoring, T-Star can:

  • Investigate unit performance by analyzing high and low speed data alarms.
  • Provide insights into unusual events on the electric power system [whether or  not the unit is involved] by reviewing the voltage and current data available in the logs.
  • Determine the cause of trips and alarms quickly and efficiently.
  • If required, re-tune the unit related to facility operating changes.

Our recommended annual system "check-ups" also provide an opportunity for a hands-on refresher course for local personnel.

Its all part of our goal to provide a highly reliable, high quality electrical environment so you can be about your business,.