Dynamic VAr - Flicker Fix
32 1-phase welders
Welding at the factory
Frequent and continuous
Live real-time actions
Via Remote Montioring
Over 2 billion operations/switch
Since 2007 installation

Isn't it great when all the power that you need is available by just "flicking a switch"?

But that doesn't happen very often when siting a new facility, expanding an existing one, or addressing ongoing facility operating issues.  Often the power to operate facilities that rely on starting and running large motors, or use welders, arc or induction furnaces is not readily available - requiring a large dollar outlay (and years of power system upgrades) to complete a project.

Two factors contribute to these power delivery problems. 

  • Power delivery companies (electric transmission and distribution) focus on cost-effective expansion, resulting in very limited spare capacity. 
  • Power generation is changing rapidly, with continued reduction of coal-fired generation and additions of natural gas generation (as well as much smaller wind and solar facilities). 

As a result, the ability to delivery power - whether to an existing or new facility - faces more future uncertainly now than ever before.

Employing a Dynamic VAr System is a great way to reliably place large electrical loads on power systems that are otherwise too small to accept them.  By adjusting VARs/maintaining voltage levels, real power delivery to your facility is maximized, while the impact on the power delivery system is minimized. Tangible benefits include:

  1. Initial cost is typically lower than power delivery upgrades.
  2. The time from project conception to operation can easily be less than 6 months.
  3. Dynamic VAr systems are moveable/reusable.
  4. The resulting facility bus is both cleaner and steadier, providing a solid basis for high performance levels.