Hot Mill Volt/VAr Support
6.9 kV direct Connect
Single Stand Reversing
3minutes, 7 passes, 120 adjustments
Millions of relaible Operations
Via Remote Monitoring
5,000 HP Shredder Support
Dynamic support since 2006
Meets utility requirements
15% increased tons/hour

Dynamic VAr compensation provides VArs to offset Dynamic VAr changes occurring elsewhere on the local power system.

This is different from meeting static (steady-state) VAr requirements. That's typically done with fixed capacitors.

This is also different form meeting very slowly changing stepped VAR demands - like those appearing when a facility goes online in the morning and disappearing when it goes offline in the evening. (We refer to these as "baseload" VAr demand and it is best met with vacuum-switched capacitors.) 

Dynamic VAr compensation requires response to VAr demand in a cycle or less.  It requires 3 critical pieces:

  1. The ability to sense instant changes in VAr requirement and determine the appropriate response.
  2. The ability to add and remove VARs from the power system each cycle.
  3. The ability to operate (switch) the Dynamic VArs millions or billions of times without causing wear to the capacitors or the switches.

To meet these requirements T-Star developed a high speed proprietary control system, and proprietary medium-voltage-rated solid state ("static") switches. 

When combined with T-Star's applications expertise and off-the shelf passive components the result is a highly efficient, reliable Dynamic VAr system to meet your needs.  With over 100 systems, in 20 years of field applications, Dynamic VAr systems are a proven solution.