Dynamic VAr - Flicker Fix
32 1-phase welders
Welding at the factory
Frequent and continuous
Live real-time actions
Via Remote Montioring
Over 2 billion operations/switch
Since 2007 installation

T-Star specializes in curing medium voltage power system problems.  These fall into 3 categories:

  • Harmonic-related [current and/or voltage harmonics]
  • Transient power-related [flicker, motor-starting, VAr control, votlage sags]
  • All other Power-Quality-related issues.

These distinctions make little difference to our clients.  They call because of medium voltage issues.   We analyze and propose solutions.

We Provide:

Studies We analyze issues, diagnosing solutions to power system problems. 
Our specialty is transient issues - those unforseen problems that arise, damage equipment or stop  operations - and disappear just as quickly.
Depending on the need and circumstances these can be based on drawings, data collected on-site, information on the electrical characteristics of the power system and equipment,  and/or post-incident inspection of damage.
We also perform all other needed types of power system analyses.
Dynamic VAr Components We work with qualified system integrators to provide clients with Dynamic VAr Systems. 
These systems include our proprietary static switches and high speed controls. 
We use our expertise to recommend system designs, and optimize unit operating performance.
We commission and support these systems on an ongoing basis. 
Dynamic VAr Systems Where a client prefers to work directly with T-STar, we provide Dynamic VAr Systems.
We may use a qualified system integrator or we may self-assemble.
We commission and support these systems on an ongoing basis. 
We maintain VAr compensation systems that we manufacture or upgrade. We also maintain Dynamic VAr Systems formerly manufactured by Power Quality Systems and American Superconductor.