Hot Mill Volt/VAr Support
6.9 kV direct Connect
Single Stand Reversing
3minutes, 7 passes, 120 adjustments
Millions of relaible Operations
Via Remote Monitoring
5,000 HP Shredder Support
Dynamic support since 2006
Meets utility requirements
15% increased tons/hour

Dynamic VAr Systems are comprised of:

  • T-Star's proprietary components (Static Switches, Controls) and,
  • Standard components available industry-wide.

Standard Dynamic VAr System-Level Protection Equipment includes the following items.  Not manufactured by T-Star.

  • Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit Breaker Control relay
  • Ancillary PTs and CTs for breaker sensing and control
  • Visible Disconnect
  • Grounding Switch
  • Capacitor Fuses

Standard Dynamic VAr Stage Equipment. Not manufactured by T-Star.

These passive components are in proximity to T-Star-manufactured static valves.  Our recommendations on design, maintenance test intervals, and pass/fail differ from somewhat from standard manufacturer recommendations.

  • Shunt Capacitors:  Single-phase dual bushing capacitors are required.  We recommend a BIL level at least one rating beyond the system voltage level design requirement (i.e., 60kV BIL system > 95 kV BIL capacitors, 95kV BIL system > 125/150kV BIL capacitors).
  • Detuning Reactors:  Detuning reactors are required.  Reactor design and tuning point should be discussed with T-Star prior to purchase.  Reactors may be either single or three-phase; generally, a floating core reactor is preferred as it results in reduced voltage stresses.

T-Star Proprietary Equipment:

T-Star provides the static valves in one of two configurations:

  • A short stack, where the nominal RMS voltage across the leg is 8.4 kV or less.
  • A long stack, where the nominal RMS voltage across the leg is 14.8 kV or less.

T-Star provides an integrated control system comprised of:

  • One NI cRIO controller
  • One proprietary backplane
  • One proprietary interface board
  • Two proprietary high speed A/D boards
  • Multiple proprietary valve operating boards.
  • Standardized proprietary control software capable of operating up to 4 sets of static valves and 2 sets of switched filter banks in standard configuration.

Systems may be manufactured by T-Star or an experienced and approved system integrator with assistance and review by T-Star.