Hot Mill Volt/VAr Support
6.9 kV direct Connect
Single Stand Reversing
3minutes, 7 passes, 120 adjustments
Millions of relaible Operations
Via Remote Monitoring
5,000 HP Shredder Support
Dynamic support since 2006
Meets utility requirements
15% increased tons/hour

First, the two part-buying process

  • Stage 1 is defining a system that will "do the job" meeting the your Voltage Stability requirements at your location, with your equipment.
  • Stage 2 is determining the layout/form factor, features, interface, I/O and spares you prefer to tailor the system to your needs.

Then, the ongoing ownership requirements. 

  • How critical is the unit?  (Affects spare recommendations)
  • Is remote monitoring/tuning/maintenance desired (reduces outages, improves MTBF)
  • Using our overlapping maintenance model,
    - Who are the designated customer personnel responsible for the system, and
    - What is the level and type of contracted assistance desired from T-Star?